photo: John Bell

photo: Chion Wolf

Campus Workshops & Residencies

Creativity is a critical component in connecting, advancing and creating change in our world. Creative thinkers are necessary for campuses to thrive. We believe that creativity is an innate human characteristic. We present custom, interactive workshops that empower people to access their inherent creativity. These hands-on workshops and seminars for student and faculty include: 

Creative Leadership

Puppetry Workshops       

Creative Problem Solving          

Reaching your Creative Potential    


The Art of Collaboration: Building Creative Relationships

Speaking Engagements

Powerful, dynamic, and interactive, Kinetic Dreams empowers audiences with guest lectures, motivational talks and presentations for campus organizations, faith based groups, conferences and communities about creativity as a catalyst for empowerment, community, and change. We speak passionately about: Connectivity, Theater Arts, Art and Communities, Sustainability & Repurposing, Art & Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion.

The Big Game

A large scale, interactive board game for all ages. Fully customizable and mobile for organizational retreats, team building, affinity groups, fundraisers, parties and celebrations. Created entirely of reclaimed cardboard, wood and recyclables. Spin the wheel, move 2 spaces: you are inside the game! Win prizes, solve puzzles and try not to go to jail. Various levels of challenges incorporating word games, problem solving, physics, role playing, art, and music. Educational, immersive and cooperative.