photo: HL Groen

School Workshops & Residencies

Kinetic Dreams customizes every workshop to complement and enhance curriculum objectives for any ability level. Our highly skilled artists work with educators and students to create group and individual projects with an emphasis on using repurposed materials.Students create their own fun and surprising toys—toys that roll, crank, spin, twirl, and utterly engage young minds while demonstrating important concepts in science, math, culture, and the arts.  Students learn creative thinking techniques while making objects that S-T-R-E-T-C-H their imagination.

Lessons include:

POWER Tools - Given tools, materials and guidance,  young imaginations run wild and creative problem solving takes over. In this design/build workshop, students will learn how to safely use hand and power tools to fix the things that need repair and create one of a kind constructions.  Using power tools builds confidence as well as math and science skills and sustainability awareness.

Shadow Puppets – Using  materials readily found around the house, students create fanciful puppets from their imagination. Students learn about engineering and how light interacts with matter in addition to engaging in story telling while learning about cultures through performance.

Colonial and Pioneer America –  History comes alive as students create shoes, toys and lanterns from the colonial period. Students are immersed in the culture of apprenticeship and the past while using repurposed materials of the present. 

Kinetic Toys - A rubber band-powered car “propels” learning about measurement, wheels, axles, force and motion. Students build their own plastic bottle cars and test them by changing variables, making predictions, collecting data, and analyzing results. Students construct a fascinating crank toy while learning about levers, cranks, cams, measurement and mechanical movement.  They will build, test, evaluate, re-build and experience the process of innovation.

Take a Stand - An empowerment workshop with an emphasis on self discovery and pride in our differences. Students will use language and art to create an identity collage and develop skills to embrace their uniqueness and encourage others to do the same with the goal of negating a "bully" culture. 

Giant Puppets - Students learn how to create giant puppets, costumes, masks, props and choreography for a performance or parade in a workshop custom tailored for your school. Students conceptualize, design and build as well as develop teamwork, math, science, storytelling, leadership and acting skills.

Speaking Engagements

Powerful, dynamic, and interactive, Kinetic Dreams empowers audiences with guest lectures, motivational talks and presentations for schools, conferences and communities about creativity as a catalyst for empowerment, community, and change. We speak passionately about: Connectivity, Theater Arts, Art and Communities, Sustainability & Repurposing, Art & Empowerment, Diversity & Inclusion.

The Big Game

A large scale, interactive board game for all ages. Fully customizable and mobile for team building, school groups, fundraisers, field day and celebrations. Created entirely of reclaimed cardboard, wood and recyclables. Spin the wheel, move 2 spaces: you are inside the game! Win prizes, solve puzzles and try not to go to jail. Various levels of challenges incorporating word games, problem solving, physics, role playing, art, and music. Educational, immersive and cooperative.