Anne Cubberly's Legendary Giant Puppets on your Campus


Our giant puppets are a kinetic spectacle. Tell a story. Make a statement. Choose from the collection of fantastical handmade creations in our workshop. Professional puppeteers bring our characters alive or train your students to operate giant puppets for your school event. These eye-catching strolling creatures are perfect for school pep rallies, games, festivals, parades, and theatrical productions.


Kinetic Dreams designs custom workshops for your school, teaching students how to create giant puppets for use at school games, alumni reunions, theatrical productions and community events. Our highly skilled artists will inspire you to create a group project from start to finish using repurposed materials and your imaginations. Large scale puppetry builds community through creative collaboration, is a powerful form of school pride and a media magnet!


photo: Andy Hart

photo: Andy Hart

Invite us to fabricate a unique character from your imagination or ours. Giant puppets make great mascots. Commission one-of-a-kind designs for theatrical performances, pep-rallies, parades, and games.  We use reclaimed and recycled artwork for green initiatives and environmental learning. Giant puppets are a compelling form of group expression to inspire the campus and community.

Parades & Pageants

Kinetic Dreams' custom Parade Workshops are specific to your organization's needs and goals. Participants learn how to design and create giant puppets, costumes, masks and props, culminating in a group performance. Our highly skilled artists inspire and challenge your cohort to create unique projects from start to finish using repurposed materials and the imagination. The group experiences the value of recycling and reusing common disposables in inventive and artistic ways. Participants learn to conceptualize, design and build as well as develop teamwork, math, science, storytelling, leadership and acting skills. The final performance is a spectacle of design and teamwork.